Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

{Insert Natalie's singing voice}..."I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!"

Ok, so I am sure that you are probably wondering what I could be so excited about on this oh-so-fine Tuesday morning?!?!?! Well, let me just say this-I am not excited about the fact that I am sitting at work with tons of work on my desk or that my allergies are kicking my booty right now! While we are on the topic of allergies I might as well say that when I lived in Arkansas having an itchy eye was never an issue for this girl. I never had allergies until I moved to Oklahoma...when it comes to allergies all around this state, Oklahoma is not OK!

Back to why I am so dang excited...drumroll please! Seriously, can you please make the sound to yourself because it's big, it's really big! You know the sound...just think National Lampoons Christmas Vacation light ceremony in the front yard-ok perfect, I knew that would get you to the calaber of drumroll that I was intending for this announcement.

Starting this weekend you will find me doing this on Saturday's...
That's right friends I will be cheering my little heart out! Let me introduce you to the Pride of my Hometown...here's a little hint:

That's right you guessed it...This weekend marks the start of Arkansas Razorback Football Season and I couldn't be more pumped up!

At my house during football season we are SEC all the way! The only trouble is that I share my Love for the SEC with a {insert sigh} nope that was not dramatic enough {insert BIG sigh and no judgement after I speak these next words} a GATOR FAN! Oh yeah friends, I have made my admission with my head hanging, "Hi my name is Natalie and my husband is the biggest Florida Gator fan this side of the Mason Dixon."

That's right friends when I say Gator, I do mean Florida Gator. Where I come from these 2 tiny little {what? they really aren't that big} words are fighting words! For some reason it works for us...except when Florida and Arkansas play each other. When this SEC rivalry comes together I wish that my house was larger so that I could put myself further away from the Gator in my house just waiting to do that dang stupid Gator Chomp!

All in all we cheer for each others teams and that is what makes it work for us! I am so super excited about the start of the season and I am hoping that this new season brings my Razorbacks many wins! GO HOGS!


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