Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Almost Time...

I am super excited for this weekend not only because it will be Halloween, but also because Halloween is my sweet little niece Emily's birthday! She is our little pumpkin and such a very sweet little girl...she is such a blessing! Her party is Saturday afternoon and she couldn't be more excited...I think that she has been asking about her birthday for at least the last couple of months, ha!

Remember my sweet little helper?

My precious little Emily will be 3 years old and I can't believe it! I remember the day she was born like it was is so amazing how time goes by so fast! She has the sweetest little heart and can make me melt with her sweet little voice.

I love you Emmy and hope that your birthday is everything that you dreamed of and more!

Hope you are having a great Friday!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bless Martha!

I would have never dreamed that I would have received a compliment from a candy quiz, but I did...ha!

My blogger friend, Traci, over at Her Hillbilly Highness did a post today about a quiz that she had done on the Martha Stewart Blog. The quiz claimed it would tell you what type of Halloween candy you sounded super fun! I rolled up my sleeves and answered the questions to the best of my ability...and the results could not be more correct, ha!

After my score was tabulated it was determined that I am...
Undoubtedly a Snickers To further explain she went on to say, "Your tastes tend to be more complex and multi layered; you like sweets but are most satisfied when they're paired with warm and savory flavors. Your standards are high, and you're most satisfied when they're met, but you don't take offense when they're not."

Thanks for the sweet comment Martha!
Happy Monday everyone!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Guess what?!?!

They're back...

Oxygen just signed on for a 5th season of Home Sweet Hollywood! Tori, Dean, Liam, Stella, and the rest of the crew will be back on my DVR as of the Spring of 2010. I am so excited.Check Spelling..I can't wait!

While Tori and Dean have been on a "break," these two have been cracking me up!

The season finale of Giuliana and Bill was last week, but I am sure that you can catch the re-runs on the Style network. It is such a cute show and so super funny!

I am getting ready for a football filled day's going to be a big day for my Razorbacks. Hopefully the day will end with a WIN!

Go Hogs beat the Gators!
I hope that everyone has a super fun weekend!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

We'll be a House Divided

Well, that dreaded time of the year has arrived yet again! Unfortunately {insert sigh} I am not referring to the fact that there is a crisp in the air and Fall is officially here. What I am referring to is the one game of the year that I absolutely despise dread...Arkansas vs. Florida!

You are probably asking yourself, "what could possibly be so dreaded about a good SEC rivalry?" Well let me put it this way, how would you like to hear the excitement of the stupid Gator Chomp in your living room while you are in another room {of the same house} trying to Call the Hogs to victory?

If I was actually at the swamp it would be one thing, but to have my hubby in the living room of our house plotting a most brutal defeat against my Razorbacks just kills me! Seriously, in a situation such as this there is always that unspoken "code of conduct" that applies to the way that you should conduct yourself in front of your spouse. This "code of conduct" does not in any way take away from the fun and excitement that each individual has in cheering for their team {Go Hogs} on game day. The code does prohibit any sort of violent hand motions similar to the "chomping" of a Gators mouth, or any verbal references made to your competitor {or spouse} as "Gator bait."

I will remain faithful that we will defeat the Gators and I will cheer my little heart out. I am just grateful that my hubby and I have so much fun together watching football, we always have a great time...even when we're playing against each other. It could be way worse after all, what if my hubby's team was not even a team in the SEC? The thought of him trying to encourage me to cheer for a Big 12 team is inconceivable, ha!

Do you and your hubby cheer for opposite teams that play each other like we do? I hope that everyone enjoys this fine Friday Eve!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Ready to Run...

Today is the big day...I am starting the Couch to 5K running plan and couldn't be more excited about it! I love to run, but have been out of my routine lazy for quite some time now. When I say, "quite some time" don't let me fool has been the kind of "quite some time" meaning YEARS since I've been an active runner, ha! For those of you who aren't fimiliar with the program you can check it out here. This week-by-week program eases you into running slowly so that you are able to easily stick to the program and accomplish your goal of running a 5K in 9 weeks. The thought of being able to run 3 miles right now makes me really excited because there is no way in heck that I could get out there and just bust out a 3 mile run, yikes!

Tonight will be my first night at it so wish me luck! I will keep you updated on my progress for sure! I hope that everyone is having a good day!