Thursday, October 15, 2009

We'll be a House Divided

Well, that dreaded time of the year has arrived yet again! Unfortunately {insert sigh} I am not referring to the fact that there is a crisp in the air and Fall is officially here. What I am referring to is the one game of the year that I absolutely despise dread...Arkansas vs. Florida!

You are probably asking yourself, "what could possibly be so dreaded about a good SEC rivalry?" Well let me put it this way, how would you like to hear the excitement of the stupid Gator Chomp in your living room while you are in another room {of the same house} trying to Call the Hogs to victory?

If I was actually at the swamp it would be one thing, but to have my hubby in the living room of our house plotting a most brutal defeat against my Razorbacks just kills me! Seriously, in a situation such as this there is always that unspoken "code of conduct" that applies to the way that you should conduct yourself in front of your spouse. This "code of conduct" does not in any way take away from the fun and excitement that each individual has in cheering for their team {Go Hogs} on game day. The code does prohibit any sort of violent hand motions similar to the "chomping" of a Gators mouth, or any verbal references made to your competitor {or spouse} as "Gator bait."

I will remain faithful that we will defeat the Gators and I will cheer my little heart out. I am just grateful that my hubby and I have so much fun together watching football, we always have a great time...even when we're playing against each other. It could be way worse after all, what if my hubby's team was not even a team in the SEC? The thought of him trying to encourage me to cheer for a Big 12 team is inconceivable, ha!

Do you and your hubby cheer for opposite teams that play each other like we do? I hope that everyone enjoys this fine Friday Eve!


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