Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Almost Time...

It's almost time for Baby Jett to make his appearance! I went to the doctor yesterday and got the precious picture above of my Sweet Boy! I was so thankful to see his little face because for the last 2 months ultrasounds he has been shy and buried his little face in my placenta. I was beginning to think that what/who he looked like was going to be a total surprise when he was born, ha!

My original due date was November 15th but Doctor N wants to deliver me a couple weeks early which means that Jett will be here the week of November 2nd...which is in 2 weeks! If you remember my previous post about my visit to Labor and Delivery due to some high blood pressure...well, the phantom high bp has struck again! I like to call it the "phantom" because it is high one minute then completely under normal the next...what the heck?

I was not put on bed rest this time and there was still not a trace of protein in my urine. Doctor N decided that considering the phantom bp issue there was no reason we shouldn't just go ahead and get this sweet, precious, adorable babe out in 2 weeks. Now I just need to pray that I will dilate/thin out in the next 2 weeks time!

Yesterday I was 36 weeks and it was the first time that I was checked and I was not dilated, not effaced, not thinned out...nothing! Do you know of any secret tricks to get things moving along? If I am induced and not dilated/effaced at all I will have to just lay in bed for 24 hours with a pill inserted to thin out my cervix before they even start petocin. Please pass on the prayers and any tricks/wives tales that you have up your sleeve...the countdown has begun! Baby Jett will be here in 2 weeks...oh.my.gosh!