Friday, February 26, 2010

Consuming Thoughts...

I am dying to know! Will it be a "normal" cycle?? Did I ovulate??

Or was it another case of the dreaded PCOS Cycle with NO ovulation??

I should know next week...if I start then it was in fact the dreaded PCOS cycle, but if I don't start until the following week there is a chance that I ovulated. I am anxious to find out so I can know for sure if I am ovulating or not. Once I do start, I will have an ultrasound to determine if I did in fact ovulate.

I was diagnosed with Endo/PCOS a couple of years ago and followed doctors orders with multiple Lap surgeries and the pill, so that one day when I was married and trying to have a baby it wouldn't be as complicated.

Now that we are trying to have a baby my thoughts are consumed by whether I have ovulated or not, so I just pray. I pray for the strength to be patient in waiting for His time because I have faith that I will be a mommy some day...all in His time.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Praying for Cohen!

A very sweet blogger friend Megan over at In this Wonderful Life needs our prayers! She has a sweet tiny little babe in her belly named Cohen {precious} who is currently thriving in her belly, actively kicking and swimming all around. Cohen was diagnosed last week with a heart defect and will have to undergo treatment for that condition once he is born.

You can read more about Megan's journey and Cohen's condition here and here on her blog. While you are on her blog, make sure to grab the "Praying for Cohen" button to put up on your blog sidebar as well.

Please join me in praying for this sweet little family! I will be praying that sweet Cohen's heart will be healed in Jesus' name! I will also pray that God be always by the side of Megan and her hubby to provide comfort to them as they continue on this journey. I pray that they will continue to have strength and comfort {in Him} knowing that this is all part of His plan and pray that he will continue to guide them in every decision that they make.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


When June arrives, you will find me here...

I will be soaking up some rays and loving every second of it!

In June we are taking our First {Annual} Family Vacation to Destin, Florida! My sister and her hubby along with their precious little babes will be making the trip with us and we are so very excited! I cannot wait until June...the beach is calling my name. This winter has been so cold and full of snow that I will be counting down the days come May, ha!

Happy Wednesday friends!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Super Fabulous Surprise

Look what my sweet handsome hubby surprised me with yesterday...
Yay! I am the proud new owner of an iPodTouch and I am so excited I can hardly stand to be at work right now! Do you think that it would be horrible of me to take a vacation day based on the fact that I need to find every fun app that I can, ha!?!? I am sure that my boss would laugh as well!

What I am most excited about is Words with Friends app! My BFF {Tennyson} got me hooked and I cannot wait to play. Do you play Words with Friends? If so, I will need your screen name {leave me a comment} so that we can play will be so super fun!

Any suggestions on any other apps that are a must have?

xoxo, Happy Wednesday girlies!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sips of the South~Southern Etiquette

I am joining in the fun over at Sweet Tea and Biscuits this week, participating in her weekly series Sips of the South! The theme of Sips of the South this week is Southern Etiquette...certainly a must have for sure!

I decided that my focus on Southern Etiquette would be geared towards all the manners we Southern girls LOVE our Southern boys to have!

Here are a few essential rules every Southern boy must have...

~Open doors for a lady, and for other men, for that matter. A simple gesture such as this goes to show the world that you are a kind person, willing to help others.

~Offer your coat to a lady when she is obviously cold. This is usually better accepted than the offer of your arm, especially if you have just met. If you are lovers, a coat and your arm is a welcomed gesture.

~Be kind and honest to those around you. Protect the woman that you are with - yes, while she is totally capable of protecting herself, its always nice to know when someone has your back. If another man tries to hit on her or makes a rude comment, simply place your arm around her and lead her away. There is no need to start a fight.

~Pick her up when you go out on a date. If its your first date and she wants to meet you at the restaurant, be considerate of her feelings. She's trying to maintain her safety, if she does not know you. However, still offer to pick her up. If you are insistent, however, it might make her nervous.

~Open the car door for her to get in, and if possible, to get out of the car as well. Pull the chair out for her in the restaurant and make sure she is seated comfortably before you sit.

~Allow her to order her drinks and food before you do. Take care of her needs first, or at least offer her the option.

~It is always important to say please and thank you along with yes/no ma'am and yes/no sir.

Whether we are talking boys or girls, good manners are always essential!

How would you like to win this little gem...

You can enter to win this book {it's super cute} by joining me and my Southern Sisters in our cute little community group, Southern Mammas! You don't have to be a mamma to join {I am certainly childless for the moment}, so what are you waiting for?!?!

Happy Friday to you!

It's Finally Friday

Hey girlies, sorry that I have been absent from my blog this week! We have been so crazy busy, but have also had some fun and excitement as well!

More to come from me tonight and I promise to be a better blogger this next week for sure! I hope that everyone is having a fab day...I am so thankful for Fridays!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Heart SJP

Is anyone else so excited for the May release of SATC2 that they just can't stand it?

Oh, fabulous! I am so excited! I have loved SATC since the beginning in fact I still sometimes find myself watching the re-runs on TBS, ha! I am sure that their new movie will not disappoint...the girls are taking a trip to Morocco!

I happened upon this new book soon to be released while surfing the web...have you heard about The Carrie Diaries?

This book highlights Carrie Bradshaw before she met the girls and before she was sexy in the city...pretty much all about growing up Carrie Bradshaw! I can't wait for this one to hit the shelves, it will most definitely be on my reading list for sure!

I hope you girlies are having a Super Fab Wednesday! xoxo

Monday, February 8, 2010


Did you see the Superbowl Ad last night for Focus on the Family featuring Pam Tebow? I pretty much thought that it was absolutely precious! If you haven't checked it out you have to watch the video's super short and super cute!

I now think that Pam is just as precious as Timmy, they truly have such a wonderful family! It is such a blessing that Tim has been able to be a witness to those who don't know Christ while doing what he loves...playing football.

Congratulations to the Saints on their big win last night! I am not a HUGE fan of the NFL {you know I am an SEC/college football girl} but I thought that it was a really great game and was super excited to see the Saints win! Who were y'all cheering for?

I hope that all you girls are have had a great Monday!