Friday, February 26, 2010

Consuming Thoughts...

I am dying to know! Will it be a "normal" cycle?? Did I ovulate??

Or was it another case of the dreaded PCOS Cycle with NO ovulation??

I should know next week...if I start then it was in fact the dreaded PCOS cycle, but if I don't start until the following week there is a chance that I ovulated. I am anxious to find out so I can know for sure if I am ovulating or not. Once I do start, I will have an ultrasound to determine if I did in fact ovulate.

I was diagnosed with Endo/PCOS a couple of years ago and followed doctors orders with multiple Lap surgeries and the pill, so that one day when I was married and trying to have a baby it wouldn't be as complicated.

Now that we are trying to have a baby my thoughts are consumed by whether I have ovulated or not, so I just pray. I pray for the strength to be patient in waiting for His time because I have faith that I will be a mommy some day...all in His time.


  1. Praying that you have a normal cycle...I'm sure this is such a trial of patience.

  2. Saying a little prayer for you! I hope everything works out for you :) Many blessings! xo, KA

  3. Hey girly I will be praying for you. I have PCOS too.
    I got pregnant taking Metformin and Prometrium in the past to regulate my cycles.

    I will keep you in my prayers. I know it can consume your thoughts...


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