Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seriously Girls

I feel like this picture would be the best depiction of how my office looks at this very moment!

I am currently up to my eyeballs in work, ha! At least it is Wednesday though...we're halfway there, yay! Hope you are having a super great day!! xoxo

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Say Hello to My Little Friend

My new best friend is definitely the Zofran that I currently have in my purse, ha!

I am mostly sick in the evenings which makes it hard to have a good dinner and feel full to keep me going through the night. I have been taking the Zofran during the day and Phenergan at night and that seems to be helping a ton, so I am so very thankful!

In a way, I am thankful that I am feeling sickly because that just means that my little tiny babe is growing like a weed. I know that there are many new moms out there that have recently lost babies and that just breaks my heart for them! I know that everything happens in His time and pray that these sweet ladies will have tiny babes in their tummies again very soon!

I went to the doctor again last Friday {3/26} and based on the ultrasound the baby was measuring at 6 weeks 5 days which makes my official due date November 14th, 2010. We are so very excited to have a November baby right before Thanksgiving. I can't think of anything better to be thankful for than a sweet little babe! Here is the latest pic of our little babe...I think it kind of looks like a little glow worm this super cute!
I hope that everyone is having a great week so far! It is so pretty here today...I think the high is going to be 80 degrees, yay! I am so very ready for Spring weather to finally stick around for a while, ha!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Low Key Weekend

We had a pretty exciting Friday since we got to see our little "olive!" I {unfortunately} had to head back to work after the appointment, but my hubby enjoyed the afternoon off with a golf lesson. When he got home from his lesson, we met my Dad at a local Mexican restaurant and it was delicious! I have a new found obsession with guacamole. I am not joking, it is seriously so random...I am pretty sure that I have hated the texture of avocados ever since I can remember. I.Have.Never.Eaten.Guacomole.Until.Now! I cannot get enough of the much so that I find myself making meals around what I can serve with guacamole, ha!

Saturday morning I had an appointment at the salon to do some eyelash extensions and came home from there exhausted! The rest of the afternoon and evening were spent relaxing and it was so perfect. My mom came over and we had pizza from a local take and bake place for dinner...I am obsessed with the Vegetarian Gourmet pizza, it is always so delish!

Sunday morning we went to church followed up by a trip to Walmart for groceries for the week. The rest of the day we just hung out at the house and relaxed. My Mom came over for an early dinner and my hubby grilled steaks since it was fairly nice outside, yum!

I have had some serious heartburn for the last couple of days, so I now have the Tums by my bedside...ha! Other than that things are going great, I think that I am going to start my belly pics/updates next week at 7 weeks. I can't wait to find out my actual due doctor tells you your official due date at the 6-7 week appointment {when we hear the heartbeat} so that he can measure the baby's size when he provides the date. I know that it will be sometime in mid November, but I can wait to know the "official" date.

I felt like the time change was a little rough to get used to today, but I am sure tomorrow will go much smoother! I hope that everyone had a good Monday!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Official...

It's official...there is one little, bitty, tiny babe growing in my tummy! I had my first ultrasound done today {at 5 weeks} and I couldn't feel more blessed and excited. I totally think that the baby looks like a little olive in the ultrasound picture...way more impressive than I was imagining a clump of cells to look for sure, ha!

I have my next appointment in 2 weeks and we'll be able to hear the heartbeat which I am so excited to experience for the first is all still so amazing to me! I have only experienced nausea a few times so far, but nothing too serious. So far I just feel really tired and still super bloated, overall things are super great!!

Here is our baby's first ultrasound pic...just precious!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Different.

The question of the weekend was definitely, "how are you feeling?" Which made me want to respond "I haven't the slightest clue...I'm not sure just what or how I am feeling right now!" It is the weirdest thing to me, I just feel seriously bloated and different. I don't feel sick yet {praise the Lord} ,but the bloating makes me feel like I am already showing! All you moms out there, is the bloating normal at 4-5 weeks?

I went back to the doctor this morning for some more bloodwork. My doc does a series of 2 tests when you first find out that you are pregnant to make sure that progesterone supplements aren't needed and to make sure that HcG levels are increasing appropriately. My HcG level last Thursday was 64 and today is was 576. My sweet nurse informed my that she would be surprised if I was having multiples, yay! I have always thought that it would be so super fun to have twins!! Anyone else have levels that can compare?? I have no clue, but will definitely be doing some internet searching to investigate "normal" levels.

Our little bitty babe is currently the size of a poppy seed. I don't think that a tiny little poppy seed has ever sounded so precious to me!! I am so excited!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Little Announcement

As many of you know I spilled the beans on my blog last week about the problems that hubby and I {well, really just me} were having getting pregnant. I was having a hard day and just felt like I needed to vent about the PCOS which was really frustrating me.

Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways because literally less than a week after pouring my heart out to you an announcement like this could be part of my future very soon...

That's right ladies...I took a test last night and then again this morning and they were both positive! I am still in shock that it is real...we are so excited!! I called my ob this morning and scheduled the blood test so I should have a definite answer this afternoon. I figure that at this point I am only like 3 1/2 weeks along, so if you would please keep us both in your prayers!! I am amazed each and everyday by His wondrous works!

I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him!
1 Samuel 1:27