Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Different.

The question of the weekend was definitely, "how are you feeling?" Which made me want to respond "I haven't the slightest clue...I'm not sure just what or how I am feeling right now!" It is the weirdest thing to me, I just feel seriously bloated and different. I don't feel sick yet {praise the Lord} ,but the bloating makes me feel like I am already showing! All you moms out there, is the bloating normal at 4-5 weeks?

I went back to the doctor this morning for some more bloodwork. My doc does a series of 2 tests when you first find out that you are pregnant to make sure that progesterone supplements aren't needed and to make sure that HcG levels are increasing appropriately. My HcG level last Thursday was 64 and today is was 576. My sweet nurse informed my that she would be surprised if I was having multiples, yay! I have always thought that it would be so super fun to have twins!! Anyone else have levels that can compare?? I have no clue, but will definitely be doing some internet searching to investigate "normal" levels.

Our little bitty babe is currently the size of a poppy seed. I don't think that a tiny little poppy seed has ever sounded so precious to me!! I am so excited!!


  1. I am so excited for you :) Saying prayers that everything goes well!! xo,

  2. So excited for you! Hope that you continue feeling OK! Cant wait to fall you on this journey.

  3. Bloating normal. :) so thrilled for you!!
    Your dr gets brownie points for checking your prog levels right off the bat, most won't unless you ask. Praying you skip the whole morning sickness thing!!

  4. Girl Im so bloated right now I look 5 months pregnant---totally normal!

  5. Hey girl I felt VERY bloated at 4-5 weeks pregnant. Actually I felt that way until the end of my first trimester! : )


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