Monday, February 8, 2010


Did you see the Superbowl Ad last night for Focus on the Family featuring Pam Tebow? I pretty much thought that it was absolutely precious! If you haven't checked it out you have to watch the video's super short and super cute!

I now think that Pam is just as precious as Timmy, they truly have such a wonderful family! It is such a blessing that Tim has been able to be a witness to those who don't know Christ while doing what he loves...playing football.

Congratulations to the Saints on their big win last night! I am not a HUGE fan of the NFL {you know I am an SEC/college football girl} but I thought that it was a really great game and was super excited to see the Saints win! Who were y'all cheering for?

I hope that all you girls are have had a great Monday!


  1. I agree - super cute commercial!!! Thanks for the comment too! =)

  2. I loved the ad commercial!! So great! How can someone not like them?!?


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