Monday, October 26, 2009

Bless Martha!

I would have never dreamed that I would have received a compliment from a candy quiz, but I did...ha!

My blogger friend, Traci, over at Her Hillbilly Highness did a post today about a quiz that she had done on the Martha Stewart Blog. The quiz claimed it would tell you what type of Halloween candy you sounded super fun! I rolled up my sleeves and answered the questions to the best of my ability...and the results could not be more correct, ha!

After my score was tabulated it was determined that I am...
Undoubtedly a Snickers To further explain she went on to say, "Your tastes tend to be more complex and multi layered; you like sweets but are most satisfied when they're paired with warm and savory flavors. Your standards are high, and you're most satisfied when they're met, but you don't take offense when they're not."

Thanks for the sweet comment Martha!
Happy Monday everyone!



  1. Booo Hissss.....I wanna be a Snicker!! lol

  2. I So want a snickers now!!! =)


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