Friday, October 16, 2009

Guess what?!?!

They're back...

Oxygen just signed on for a 5th season of Home Sweet Hollywood! Tori, Dean, Liam, Stella, and the rest of the crew will be back on my DVR as of the Spring of 2010. I am so excited.Check Spelling..I can't wait!

While Tori and Dean have been on a "break," these two have been cracking me up!

The season finale of Giuliana and Bill was last week, but I am sure that you can catch the re-runs on the Style network. It is such a cute show and so super funny!

I am getting ready for a football filled day's going to be a big day for my Razorbacks. Hopefully the day will end with a WIN!

Go Hogs beat the Gators!
I hope that everyone has a super fun weekend!


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