Monday, September 14, 2009

I mean seriously y'all?

Do you know a 57 year old man that is as good lookin' as this man?I mean seriously y'all, I am not even kidding. Part of me thinks "what is wrong with me?" this is a man that is old enough to be my dad but then reality sinks in and I think, "it doesn't matter that this man is old enough to be your dad-he looks better and better with each year!" I am sure that there are more of you out there...more ladies that will agree with me that George Strait is the most attractive man of his age that they can think of by far!

I have always loved George Strait's music. I think that he has a voice that is just one of those voices that you can pick out without a doubt. My love of George Strait music started back in the late 80's a long time ago when I would play on the back porch of my Mimi's house. My mimi and her sister, my Aunt Betty would sing their little hearts out to George Strait songs and I thought that it was so much fun!

I leave you with this, it is George's new video Living for the Night. I hope that you will agree with me that George is not only one of the last true troubadours, but he is also one of the sexiest men alive!

I hope that you enjoyed your Monday!

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  1. Love me some George Strait. He reminds me of my daddy, kinda. Grew up listening to him. And he's still sexy. :-)

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment the other day. I so appreciate it!!!


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