Friday, November 6, 2009

Agree to Disagree...

If you caught this post, you already know that I absolutely adore this man...I could you not love him?While my handsome hubby DOES like George Strait {not as much as me of course}, he DOES NOT like this FANCY lady...
In fact, he would have you think that he'd rather hear you scratch your fingernails down a chalk board than hear her voice! You might ask yourself, "how is this possible?" I know that I have asked myself that question at least a hundred times...I often wonder how this could be possible as I sing "Fancy don't let me down" at the top of my lungs, ha! How can a boy born and raised in Oklahoma not like Reba? She is from Oklahoma as far as I am concerned she should be the pride of Oklahoma in his eyes...not happening, ha!
My HH calls me at work earlier this week and we had the following conversation ...

{insert HH's excited to break the news voice}
HH: Guess who is coming to the BOK center in February?
Me: Who?
HH: I'll give you a's someone that you've always said you HAD to see in concert.
{insert my giddy, super excited voice}
Me: George Strait?
HH: Yep, he's coming on February 20th. Do you want to go?
Me: Are you really asking me that? Of course I want to fact, I would give my left leg to go! I am so excited, we'll have so much fun!
HH: I was thinking that you could go with your sister or Tennyson (my BFF.)
Me: Why?
HH: Well, guess who's coming with him?
Me: I don't know, who?
{insert HH's not excited voice}
{insert me dying laughing}
Me: Oh, you are totally going and I will sing "Fancy don't let me down" to you until I no longer have a voice! You're not getting out of this one...we'll have so much fun!
HH: Okay...

So, here is where we'll be on February 20th

I am so excited and I can't wait! I am sure that we will have a super fun time...we'll be together after all and we always seem to have a fabulous good time!


  1. Love me some George!! Josh loves George but he doesn't like Reba either. I seen GS is concert a year ago. It was awesome!!! Josh got him some GS wranglers the other day =) They even have GS on the pocket...LOL And on the spider situation (sp) I slept with my PJ pants tucked in my sock. Didn't want one crawling up my pant me the creeps. Might have to try you blanket idea tonight =)

  2. oooh i love them both and am super jealous of the GS concert!

  3. That is awesome! So sorry, but I am with your husband on this one. Oh, I'll sing "Fancy" and lots of her other songs, but I can't stand to hear or watch her talk. She REALLY gets on my nerves!!

  4. I LOVE Reba!!! Her music AND her show!!! Maybe your Hubby will come around someday. Hehe...Cute Blog!!!


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