Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seriously Wynonna?

I guess that Wynonna is sad that her career is all but over seeing that she made such a negative comment about sweet Taylor Swift.

Taylor won Entertainer of the Year last night at the Country Music Awards. Wynonna said in an interview with USA Today, "You want my honest comment? It’s too much too soon."

I personally think that there shouldn't be a time frame put on the achievement of success. Who cares that she is only 19 years old, she works very hard and she deserves it!

I watched the CMA's last night just hoping that I would catch a glimpse or performance by you know who...

Needless to say, I was not disappointed! Did you watch the CMA's last night? If you did, who was your favorite?



  1. My Mother in law was lucky enough to be at the CMA's! I was so jealous :) I can't believe Wynonna, and what was up with the fake and bake? She looked almost orange. Go Taylor!

  2. Good hard work is good hard work, no matter what a person's age. Would she have said, "She won too many times" if it was a seasoned professional who had won?

    My daughter and I ran into Taylor Swift (literally) at New York play a couple of years ago. After the performance she generously stood with fans who wanted a picture with her and maintained her composure through all the pushing and shoving to get to her. This young lady has not only talent, but poise and grace-Wynonna could use a little of the later!

    Stopping by from SITS.


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