Monday, November 16, 2009

A Serious Struggle for Nat...

Have you ever had a crick in your neck before?If you have experienced this pain before let me just say, "Bless your heart!"

I have spent the last 4 days on my death bed in bed almost constantly feeling absolutely dreaded. It all started out on Friday, but I woke up that morning with everything feeling fine and normal. Once I got up and started getting ready for work, my neck seemed to get stiffer and stiffer as time went by. I went to work and by mid morning I could not move my head to the side without crying. If you have ever had a crick before, I am sure that you can empathize! The smallest movements (like walking) can trigger the worst possible pain and it's is the kind of pain that just makes you want to cry your little eyes out.

I was able to take a muscle relaxer (which didn't really work at all) and some Ibuprofen to make it to my best friend Tennyson's birthday dinner Friday night at the Melting Pot...this fondue style dinner was totally worth all the pain and anguish because it was so super fun and delicious! Little did I know that this trip to the Melting Pot would be the last departure I made from my house all weekend!

I spent Saturday and Sunday in bed with alternating hot and cold was so horrible! I am the type of girl that likes to be on the move so I felt so bad that I was stuck in the bed. I kept telling Billy that I was sorry that I couldn't do this and that, but he was understanding and was a super great nurse!

My sweet Mom came over yesterday and rubbed my neck for 2 hours...I am so thankful for her. After she was done with the rub down, I seriously felt a little better which was a huge milestone compared to the way I had felt 24 hours before! I was amazed that I could actually lift my head up from my pillow without severe pains shooting down my neck, ha!

As I layed in bed all weekend I prayed that God would take this horrible pain away. I was thankful that this little incident happened over the weekend so that I had time to rest without having to miss any work, that was a blessing for sure. I found comfort in Jeremiah 30:17 "I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord."

I awoke to a sniff neck this morning and thought that I was back where I started again with little improvements, but I made myself get up and get ready for work. I took all the necessary gear with me to work...this included the hand held massager and the heating pad. As the day progressed my neck started feeling less stiff...Praise the Lord!

I am happy to report that as I sit here at 4pm, all I can think about is all the stuff that I want to do when I get home. I couldn't even blog over the weekend I felt so bad...I could just not get comfortable no matter how I positioned myself! I am feeling back to my old self again and couldn't be more thankful!
I hope that you everyone had a great weekend! I can't wait to catch up with my favorite blogger girls!

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  1. Yes!! It is terrible!! You can't get comfortable no matter what. Glad your better!


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