Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is this a Joke?

I usually take a glance at Fox News every morning just to make sure I didn't miss any big news from overnight, ha! This morning I saw this headline and was completely blown away!

Colorado Man Stabs Himself to Miss Work

Straight of the presses from Fox News online, the article said that the man stabbed himself in the leg and made other cuts on his body as well...all as a ploy to miss work that day! While the article does not confirm this, I am sure that this "ploy" was a success and the man did in fact miss work that he could spend some quality time at the police station. He now faces charges for obstructing justice...surely this man won't pull a stunt like this ever again. Further more, I wonder if he still has a job at Blockbuster?

News like this just boggles my mind...the fact that someone would go to such great lengths just to call into work?? His boss must be seriously mean!


  1. Good Grief....Thats not wanting to go to work really bad!!!

  2. How funny! I just laughed so hard, and really needed it! Thank you for your very sweet comment on my page! ;)

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is too funny and I'm not too surprised, haha.


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