Monday, February 7, 2011


Baby Jett is super cool...
Even while sleeping!
This picture was taken this weekend while still trapped in the house due to the snowstorm blizzard of 2011.  Obviously, we were a little bored ;)

The weather here in Oklahoma has been out of control for the last week and we are suppose to get another round of winter weather tomorrow night.  This new storm is forecasted to bring another 5-10 inches {what a huge range, huh?} of snow!  We just aren't equipped to take on the massive amounts of snow that has come our way!  Today is my first day back to work since Monday of last week!!

Even though we were stranded stuck in the house for a good 5 days, I couldn't imagine any other place I would have rather been!  A solid five days at home enjoying my boys...I had the best week ever!!

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  1. Cute picture! Ugh, aren't you just so sick of this weather?? I'm sooo ready for spring!!


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