Friday, February 11, 2011

Red Velvet...If You Please!

I found myself a little bored {to say the least} last week. Stuck in the house as we experienced the first round of The Blizzard of 2011.  We have since had a round two snowstorm and have received more than 25 inches of snow so far this month.  Today is the 11th, I do not joke's pretty much been a fronzen tundra for the last 2 weeks...rediculous!
I thought that since I had nothing better to do I might as well channel some inner Bakerella while I had the chance.  I might need to also add that I am pretty sure that Bakerella does not use cake mix for cupcakes...she probably makes them from scratch, but I digress.

I have an {unhealthy} addiction to Red Velvet anything cake/cupcakes!  I had a box of Red Velvet cake mix just waiting for me in the pantry...coinsidence, I think not!  I whipped up some Red Velvet cupcake beauties and while waiting for them to cool I decided that I would get extra domestic and make some homemade frosting for these delicious little cakes.

I found a recipe for some vanilla frosting on PW's website that was dubbed the "best frosting I've ever had."  The title alone sucked me in and I knew in an instant that this was the one that I was making.  I whipped it right up {it was super easy} and frosted my cooled little beauties.

That is when something magical happened...
I tasted one bite and I am here to tell you now that this frosting was the most amazing frosting I've ever had! I am not even joking, the best I've ever eaten...amazing would be an understatement.

I might {or might not} have eaten at least 3 per day while snowed in...I also might {or might not} have been forced to pour dishwashing soap on them {Miranda from Sex and the City style} in the trash can to not even think about snagging one back out!


  1. Haha Nat! I have been licking the spoon and thrown cake down the garbage disposal at the same time.
    Gotta love red velvet cupcakes. Since weve been snowed in, Ive made strawberry and red velvet cupcakes and chocolate quesadillas...:-)

    That icing looks yummo. Like the icing on DC cupcakes.

  2. Thanks a lot... now I'm CRAVING these cupcakes. ;) They look so beautiful and tasty!

  3. Bwaahhhaaa!! I forgot about that episode!! I should totally do this.. but typically I just eat all the sweets rather than "wasting" them! Your cupcakes look delish!


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