Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Baby Story

This is the story of the best day of our lives to date.  The day we received one of our biggest blessings to date.  The day that our precious little boy, William Jett, was born and changed our lives forever! 

My pregnancy was so unbelievably easy for the most part.  Things got a little more interesting towards the end of my pregnancy. I developed high blood pressure and was put on meds and modified bed rest for a bit.  Everything was fine with Baby Jett, but for some reason my blood pressure could not be regulated within healthy parameters.  I was scheduled to see Doctor N on 10/28 to have my blood pressure taken to make sure that it was not slipping out of control.  That morning I woke up and tried to stay as relaxed as possible before my appointment in an attempt to keep my blood pressure low.

I was shocked {to say the least} when I was told at my doctors appointment that today was the day...the day that we would meet our dream come true!

  My blood pressure was completely out of control and Dr. N said that he didn't feel like we should wait any longer to have our precious little babe.  I was concerned that Jett would be 3 weeks early and was worried about any complications associated with an early delivery, but was assured by Dr. N that we were doing what was best for both myself and Jett considering the circumstances.

I left the office {in shock} and immediately called Billy to give him the news.  He was just as surprised as I was of course, but we were both instantly overcome with so much excitement.  The moment was just so "real" and we were finally getting ready to meet our baby boy!  We didn't have the carseat installed, or even our overnight bag for the hospital packed so we immediately went into mini crisis mode.  We are both planners by nature, so we were both making lists and checking them twice!

We got to the hospital a little before 3pm and I hung out until around 7pm with a pill on my cervix to thin it out.  At 7pm we started the pitocin and there was no turning back :)  We were so excited as we waited on our sweet boy!
I was in labor all night long for 12 hours and then started pushing at 7am.  After over a little more than an hour of pushing, we welcomed our sweet baby boy into the world at 8:20am.  He was 5 pounds 9 ounces and through my tear filled eyes, he was the most precious thing I had ever seen!
I am overcome with gratitude and so thankful that the Lord gave us our precious little Jett. My heart practically explodes everytime I see his sweet little face!
I fell in love with my husband over and over and over again that day.  Seeing him holding our son in his arms melted my heart.  I already knew that he is my everything, but now he is Jett's everything as well and the thought of that makes me happier than I can put into words.  This was the beginning of us as a family...the family that we made out of our love for one another!
Since Jett was born right before Halloween, the nurses dressed him up in a little pumpkin cute!
We got settled into our room and our family and friends could not wait to meet baby Jett!  These little darlings were especially excited to meet their new cousin!
Jett was 5 pounds 4 ounces when we brought him home, he was so tiny!  We adjusted to having him home and rested as much as we could.  He was up every 3-4 hours to eat.  The majority of the time Billy would wake up with me so that I would have someone to talk to while I nursed him, we were so very sleepy.  After a couple of days we were no longer sleepy and just constantly running on adrenalin, but I wouldn't change anything!  This little guy slept all the time {cute as a button} swaddled in his bassinett.
Billy took the picture below one morning after I had finished nursing Jett and had gone back to sleep.  Billy had already gotten up, so he just layed Jett back down in our bed.  I feel like this picture pretty much sums up our first couple of weeks home together...Jett asleep and me trying to get some much needed rest right along there with him :)

This picture is so precious to me!
Looking back on my labor and delivery of this sweet child, I have decided that I could do it ten times over!  I loved everything about being pregnant and my delivery {aside from the high blood pressure} was so fact, I was plesantly surprised at how easy it was.  As a first time mom you hear all kinds of stories about nightmare deliveries and in combination with all the hours of TLC's A Baby Story that I watched, I didn't really know what to expect!

We are so very thankful for our sweet little babe!  He has made each and everyday since he was born one of the best days of our lives to date.

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  1. So sweet!!! I am with you- I would do it all over again and again! That picture of you two in bed is so precious!


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