Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts...

Just a few random thoughts running through my head this oh-so-fine Wednesday afternoon...
  • I am so thankful to have my handsome hubby back home after travelling for work for the last week!  A week away is just too long!!
  • I am officially loosing my hair at a rapid rate.  I {thankfully} am not starved in the hair department and could afford to loose some, but the hair loss has now reached the point of instanity.
  • I thought that Jett wasn't feeling well/maybe teething on Saturday because he was super fussy.  The only thing that would cure his fussy spells was to eat.  I realized on Sunday that since he was cured by more breastmilk, he was probably just hungry and not staying full for as long anymore.  MAJOR.PARENTING.FAIL!
  • While I am so thankful to have my wonderful sister watch Jett while I am at work, I still struggle on a daily {workday} basis having to leave him.  It just breaks my mommy heart.
  • With all the snow that we have had so far this month behind us {hopefully} I am so ready for spring. 
  • There is nothing I wouldn't love more than to head to the beach this summer and see my little baby's tiny toes in the sand!
  • I can't find a new car because I am too picky and undecisive.  I'm sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that I have champagne taste and am trying to stick to a beer budget!
  • I cried last night while watching a new reality show on Lifetime called One Born Every Minute because I was thinking about being in labor with Jett.  With that said, I secretly wish that I was pregnant again right now!
  • I have been delaying as long as possible, but I am pretty sure that my almost 4 month old should be sleeping in his crib instead of in his pack-n-play in our room. 
  • I might as well go ahead and admit {while I am at it} that I was the mommy to be that swore my child would sleep in his crib from day one...that worked out pretty well, huh?!?!
  • I am tired of my the way that my blog looks and need a makeover the sooner the better!
I told you they were all random ;) 


  1. How weird is it that half of those apply to me as well right now. The other half applied right after I had Finn. I'm kind of creeped out. Ha.

  2. My hair is falling out too. And did after all my babies. Good thing we got lots of it!
    You will have lots of mommy moments! :-)
    You'll be prepared for the next one, haha.
    I'm looking for a new car too. I want a brand new escalade. Haha. I like my cars big and

  3. I've seen that show! I just love watching shows like that and Baby Story.. I could watch them all the time. :)
    I seriously wondered if Evie was teething this past weekend, too!! Weird! But it's way too early, right?? Gah, I should know these things!


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