Monday, July 27, 2009

Pre-Wedding Rambling...

I am so excited and cannot even believe that 48 hours from now I will be on my way to the Dominican Republic! My best friend Tennyson and her husband Chris are going on the trip with us (I don't know if I have told you that before) and we are all so dang excited! Everyday for the past week when we talk on the phone, all Tennyson and I talk about is how much fun we can't wait to have on the vacation.

I only have a few more things to get for the trip. Luckily, I found the perfect linen shirt for Billy to wear during the ceremony. I had been having a struggle finding one that I loved and originally wanted the shirt to have long sleeves that he would roll up because I just love that look, but was not successful in finding one that I absolutely loved. We went to Dillards and were surprised to find that they were having a mega sale on most all of their summer clothes. We found the perfect linen shirt (short sleeved) for only $24 and it was regularly $55...I love it when I come along deals like that especially since I was not even expecting the sale!

I was excited to learn that the resort has some ultra fabulous entertainment at night! I became a fan of Dreams Palm Beach on Facebook and that has literally provided me with so much valuable information from people just returning from the resort. The website for the resort is informative, but it is always better to get some insight from someone that doesn't work there or have any obligation to the place-you know what I mean? People rave about the entertainment at night and one person even went on to say that one of the shows was similar to that of Cirque du Soleil, could this be a slight exaggeration? I think so...

Although I am sure that making a comparison to the entertainment staff and Cirque du Soleil is a slight exaggeration I am still excited! Any sort of acrobatics at all will be great especially since I had invisioned the entertainment to include a man on stage with a guitar singing traditional songs of the country, ha!

I am going to start getting together our stuff in preparation for the packing tonight. I am a crazy lady when it comes to packing. I like to make a list of what all needs to go then set out the outfits for each day that way I make sure that I have exactly what I want to wear and a few backups as well! I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday!


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