Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday Weekend Recap!

Whew, did that weekend fly by or what? I totally think that every weekend should be a 4 day weekend...I think that it is that extra day that makes it really feel like you had "the weekend" off. I was off on Friday and very much enjoyed my day! I met my BFF, Tennyson, at the bridal shop and we were able to find a dress that we loved that fit like a dream-a definate blessing for sure! I was so excited since the weddingmoon is so close and I still had not narrowed down my dress choice.

Speaking of the wedding being so close, have you seen the ticker at the top of my blog? 23 Days!!! Are you kidding me right now??? I am so excited that I can't even stand it!

In a mere 23 days you will find me here...without a single care in the world!
Billy and I did a little shopping this weekend to pick up a few summer outfits. I ordered my bathing suits from Victoria's Secret online, but Billy wanted another pair of board shorts and we were surprised to find that all the bathing suits are pretty much gone by July 4th weekend. This is kind of strange to me since I hardly condsider July 4th weekend to be the end of summer! He found the one that he had previously seen in his favorite store online, so we will just have to order online instead...oh well, at least he was able to find the one that he wanted ;)
We wanted to lay out and get some sun this weekend, but the weather had other plans for us. It was super cloudy pretty much all day Saturday until late in the afternoon when it cleared up a bit. I was so thankful for the clearing because it almost didn't even seem like the 4th of July looking so dreary outside! Billy and I went to my sweet daddy's to watch the fireworks that night. My dad lives on top of a huge hill so this was the perfect spot to see all the fireworks, it was so beautiful! Our Sunday proved to be just as dreary as the day before so we pretty much just hung out around the house and did some cleaning, then we watched the movie 17 Again. It was so cute-if you haven't seen it you really should!
Well, I hope that everyone had a great to just get through this work week!

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