Friday, July 10, 2009

Please tell me that you love this as much as I do...

I am totally in love with this song and just love that most of Kenny's songs remind me of the summer. Not to mention the fact that I get even more excited when he mentions me...yeah right, I wish, but he does give a shoutout to all us girls from Arkansas! For my birthday last year, Billy (hubby-to-be) got my sister and I tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert when he came to Tulsa. Let me just tell you that this was by far the best concert that I have ever been to ever and the best birthday present by far to this day! He is such a wonderful performer for sure-we sang our little hearts out and had so much fun! In fact, I sang a little too hard because I was hoarse for almost a week afterwards. I think that secretly I was trying to pretend like I was in the band that night-ha! If you'd ever heard me sing you would certainly laugh at this thought for sure. I'm sure that it wasn't pretty but it sure sounded good in my head.

If you have never seen Kenny in concert and have the opportunity to go I promise you will not be disappointed. On our way home, my sister and I were laughing at the option of traveling from show to show because it was that much fun!

I hope that everyone is having a super fun Friday! This week has seemed to drag on forever so I am so excited for the weekend. I have a ton of stuff that I want to do to start getting things together for the trip since it is now only 19 days away!! I have officially launched into super planner mode...keep me in your prayers that all will come together as planned!


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