Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I can't believe that it's Thursday and I am just now putting the weekend recap up, ha!

My long weekend was just as I expected it to be...simply lovely!
I enjoyed spending time with my sister, watching my Razorbacks win, and even squeezed in a mini road trip.
My sweet hubby and brother-in-law were working in Jefferson City, Missouri so my sister and I decided to take a mini road trip up to see the guys. Even though it was just a one night trip it was still so nice to see Billy and be able to eat dinner with him...I missed him so much while he was gone! It's the little things like eating dinner together that I miss so much when he is out of town.

We got home from Missouri around 8pm on Monday night, so as soon as I got home it was time to get myself prepared and in bed for work the next day! After a long weekend 6am sure does come early for sure. I have pretty much decided that we should have a 3 day weekend mixed in at least once a month...they are so nice!

Did you do anything super fun this Labor Day weekend?

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