Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nursery Design

We have cleaned Jett's room {previously the office} out and we are looking forward to getting everything we need to complete his nursery! I want to find a dresser that I can paint black to match the bed and then use it as a changing table as well as a dresser. I have been looking around town and on Craigslist, but haven't found anything that I really like...hopefully, I will come across something that will work perfectly!

Since I am not a theme person, I have had a struggle with "nursery appropriate" wall art. I have looked around a bunch on Etsy {I am addicted to this site} and have seen some really cute's just so hard to decide. I have also been thinking about the idea of doing a monogrammed decal above his crib. Do you have any fun websites for wall art that I should check out?? Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated ;)

Here are the items that I have decided on for the nursery...

The Crib Bedding

The crib bedding is from Mod Pea Pod and I absolutely love it! If you haven't checked out her website you must...she makes the cutest stuff and it is very reasonably priced for custom bedding! I think that this design is classic, but still mixes in some modern elements with the circles.

The glider I found has slipcovers available and I think that I am going to go with a brown slipcover for the chair and ottoman to tie in with the brown in the bedding.

Okay, so what do you think about the design elements of Jett's nursery? I will definitely be posting pics of his room as we start putting it together, but wanted to let you know what I had decided on at least for now. I hope that you are having a good Friday Eve so far...I am so excited for the weekend to get here!


  1. I love the nursery so far! And the bedding is fabulous, Bonnie and I both found wall stuff on Etsy. We both got those wall sticky decal things and put them in the boys rooms. I don't know about artwork but we always get compliments on it

  2. Love the bedding! I find out in a few weeks what we're having and I can't wait!!! I love that chair.. is it from Wal-Mart online? I am looking at one there that looks identical! ~Andrea

  3. I love what you've picked out!! Super cute!

    Here's a website I've looked at before for wall art/decals. Very cute stuff.

  4. I actually came across your blog a week or so ago and put you in my bloglines. I don't mean to give a plug but my twin sis and I do vinyl decals if you would like to take a look. We do custom orders too. Love what you have for the nursery so far and I love the name.

  5. I just found your blog tonight through Melissa Stafford and I just wanted to tell you that I have the same bedding for my little boy!

  6. Where did you get that bedding!!!! It's Sooo perfect!


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