Monday, August 23, 2010

28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks today.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: As of the end of last month 10 pounds, but I am sure that will change when I head to my appointment on Friday!

How big is the Baby:
Gender: It's a boy and his name is Jett!

Maternity Clothes: I still have been living in non-maternity dresses!

Best Moment of the Week: Finally making a choice on the's so super cute! Oh and finishing up on my was definitely a task, ha!

Stretch Marks: Yes, but still trying everything I can to prevent anymore from popping up!

Movement: Yes, especially in the early mornings and at night.

Sleep: Sleeping is still fine, but it's still sometimes tricky getting comfortable.

What I miss: Nothing really...just enjoying every moment of having my sweet babe inside of me!

What I am looking forward to: Decorating the nursery.

Symptoms: Still getting heartburn from pretty much anything, but as long as I nip it early enough with some Tums I am usually okay.

Food Cravings: Root Beer and Hot Glazed Donuts from Krispy Kreme...not together though of course! The craving for donuts just started this week and is so weird for me because I have never been a huge fan of donuts. Don't get me wrong they are certainly delish, but I have always just felt like they were too sweet!

Belly Button: Still an inny, but it's getting flatter my the day!

Signs of Labor: Thankfully, no!


  1. Awww u look so cute;)
    with my first I think I got stretch marks at 26-27 weeks. I kept em greasy but my oh my didn't work:(

    Can't wait to see his bedding! Have a good week!

  2. 28 weeks..ur getting close!
    and root beer sounds sooooooooooooo good about right now!

  3. You look GREAT! You don't have too much longer now and he'll be in your arms :)

  4. You're adorable!!
    Mmmm.. donuts sound GREAT right now! :)


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