Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To Wubbanub?

We are having some issues with the paci, but only at night.  Jett doesn't really take his paci {it's a Soothie} alot during the day, but always goes to sleep with it in his mouth at night.

Once he falls asleep the paci always falls out of his mouth and most of the time this happens once he is down for the count in his bed {no judgement please, it's really hard} pack-n-play.

He started sleeping through the night a couple of weeks ago and now our only issue with sleeping is the paci.  He generally sleeps from around 8pm to 7-8am, but wakes up almost every morning around 5am for me to put his paci back in his mouth.  He is totally out of it when he wakes up and as soon as I put the paci back in his mouth he is immediately back to sleep for a couple more hours.

To all you Mommas out there...have you used the Wubbanub? 

Since he is not yet big enough to find it and put it in his mouth on his own, I am wondering if this would help?  He loves to snuggle with his blankets and even burp rags, so I am wondering if he learned to snuggle with the Wubbanub it would eleviate the issues with finding the paci at night.

Have any of you used it??  Any other brilliant ideas that you Mommas have up your sleeves?? 


  1. I never used one with either of my kids. Averly never would take a paci period & although Riley loved his, I always suffered through just getting up & sticking it back in his mouth at night! Sorry I'm not much help here!

    Oh & you asked about my pictures, I use Windows Live to Post & that makes them bigger than blogger, but your layout also has to be adjusted. I just played around in the HTML part of my settings until I got it big enough. Let me know if you want more info on how to do it. It's really not as scary as it looks! :)

  2. I read somewhere that babies only need the paci for their sucking reflex the first three months. After that we took it away and never looked back.

  3. i have no advice since i haven't had my little guy yet but i have one of these ready for when he does arrive. i've heard really good things about them. if my babe likes a paci i'm sure he'll have it a lot longer than 3 months ;)

  4. I'm a nicu nurse and we use these for some of our bigger (non-premie) babies and they are wonderful! I looked high and low for one after I had my Hadley (bc she loved the Soothies) and never found them. I say go for it!

  5. We used one and loved it! I'd give it a shot. Manny gave up his paci around 6 months put still loves his monkey that's attached to it. :)


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