Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts...

Just a few random thoughts for you on this oh-so-fine Tuesday morning...
  • I finally made a decision got a new car and I love it!  I'm so thankful to have the hubs truck traded in especially with the way that gas prices are right now!  He travels so much that he probably won't even miss it...too much.
  • The postpartum hair loss at this point in time can only be described as straight.out.of.control!  Not only am I totally sicked out by it and forced to vacuum all the time, but I am also a bit concerned at this point that I might have a bald spot on my right temple.
  • I am also wondering if postpartum hormone changes can also affect your eyelashes because mine are not what they used to be!  I'm thinking about getting some falsies for Jetts pictures this weekend ;)
  • It is going to be so nice here on Saturday and I can't wait to have Jetts pictures done...they were supposed to be 4 month pictures, but we had to cancel last weekend because it was freezing.  He will be 5 months and 4 days when he gets them done, but we'll just pretend he's still 4 months old!
  • Jett has been in his crib {in his room} for the last 3 weeks and it's going well except for the fact that this week he has decided that he likes to wake up like a newborn at night again.  I think that he is trying to get his first tooth!
  • Speaking of teeth...I had a full blown crying breakdown last week because my Mom thought she felt a ridge on his gums.  I was devastated that even though it was a false alarm and I've been checking every night, she was the first to find it. 
  • I pretty much hate being a working mom at all moments, but I am staying faithful that my day to be a SAHM will come soon!  I pray about it every night and I believe that He knows the desires of my heart!!
  • Kenny Chesney is here in concert this weekend and I am sad that I didn't get tickets for the hubs and I...he puts on the best show!
  • I am beginning to wonder when all the fat will be coming off of my body from all this breastfeeding I've been doing, or is that a trick?
  • I am getting my hair done on Friday and I am tempted to do it brown instead of blonde, but my Mom informed me that I looked sick {like pale and ill}, thanks Momma!
  • I need suggestions on some sort of sleep training for Jett.  I'm not a huge fan of the cry it out method.  I've tried to let him fuss a little while also patting him to let him know that I'm there, but it always ends in chaos and screaming bloody murder.  I cannot understand why he is waking up at 2am not to eat, but just for me to rock him back to sleep...this tired Momma needs help!
I told you that it would be completely random ;)


  1. did you read the book Happiest Baby on the Block? That book has techniques for calming a crying baby in the middle of the night.
    and sorry to hear about the hair hun :( i suppose it's all part of the process. i'll have that to look forward to shortly as well.

  2. OHMYGOSH I am totally losing all my hair, too!!! What the what!?! I seriously think you could weave a rug from all the hair on my bathroom floor each day. Yeck.
    I'll be praying for you to be able to stay home with Jett!

  3. I wanna go back blonde..LOL. you're a pretty blinded..don't change!
    Your hair will return to normal eventually..after a year or two haha.

    I'll be praying for you sister!!!:))

  4. Your hair is so pretty blonde, but I am like you, itching for a little change!

  5. With you on the hair loss, and a baby that has started to wake at night again. Hmmm...maybe they are related? Lol

  6. Oh, the hair loss...just ugh. Yes. So glad that at 7the months I think i'm past all of it!

    I think the 4 month sleep regression is so cruel...we cosleep at that age, so I never noticed it, but I have read that many babies sleep gets harder at that age. Have you heard of The No Cry Sleep Solution? The toddler version was a lifesaver. for us!


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