Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Heavy Heart

As I layed in bed last night saying my prayers before I went to sleep, I was overcome with extreme sadness for the all people affected by the Haiti Earthquake. As I prayed that God would wrap His loving arms around them to comfort and heal all those affected by the earthquake, tears began to roll down my face.

As I cried just imagining how scared and helpless all these people must feel, I was reminded of a sweet young man that my hubby and I met at the resort while on our weddingmoon in the Dominican Republic. This young man referred to himself as "Goofy" and had the kindest, sweetest heart. Goofy explained to my hubby that he lived on the opposite end of the country in Haiti and was there to work in the Dominican Republic for the "busy season."

He explained that each year during the busy season he would travel to the Dominican Republic to work at the resort in Punta Cana only to return back to Haiti with the money that he made to live on the for remainder of the year. He shared with us that he made $500 during the busy season and that is what he and his future wife would live on during his time away from the tourists in Punta Cana. I was blown away by the fact that he lived for 6 months on $500 and quickly realized just how poverty stricken the region was.

When we left to come home we gave him our email address so that he could let us know how he was doing and gave him a little money so that he might live a little more "comfortably" while he was back in Haiti. We have never heard anything from him, but pray that he and his wife are safe. I am sure that there are other stories like mine...simply about people meeting sweet people from Haiti along the way in life that have left us all wondering tonight about their safety.

I cannot even begin to imagine what these people are going through in Haiti. I knew that it was very heavy on my heart to help, realizing all of our blessings. I know that there are numerous organizations that are raising money to aide in the crisis efforts in Haiti.

An organization close to my heart is Compassion and the money that you donate will go to help children and their families affected by this crisis. Just $35 will give a family in need there food and water for a week. If you are unable to provide monetary support at this time you can still help all those in need, PLEASE PRAY! God will hear all of our prayers!


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  2. That was a really sweet post. Such a tragedy.

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