Monday, June 28, 2010

20 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 20 weeks...I can't believe that I am halfway through! I feel like these first 20 weeks have gone by so fast!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my last doctor's visit still NO weight gain, but I am sure that will change when I see the doctor on Friday! I feel like I have "grown" a bunch in the last two weeks for sure!
How Big is the Baby: The size of a cantaloupe
Gender: We are 98.9% percent sure that it is a BOY, but there will be no doubt about it on Friday at my next doctors appointment!

Maternity Clothes: I have been wearing non-maternity dresses and gaucho type pants, but have definitely invested in some maternity shirts. All my pre-preggers shirts are too short now!

Best Moment of the Week: This will definitely be finding out for sure that we are having a little boy on Friday! I am ready to start doing some planning/decorating.

Stretch Marks: Negative

Movement: NONE YET, ugh! Everyone keeps asking, but so out of the ordinary feelings in the tummy region.

Sleep: Sleeping fine, but it's still sometimes it's tricky getting comfortable.

What I miss: I get SO hot SO fast! Pre-preggers I was always super tolerable of the heat, but since I've been preggers I feel like I get hot SO quickly!

What I am looking forward to: Finding out FOR SURE {without a single doubt} what gender the baby is at the end of the week...yippie!

Symptoms: I still get heartburn from pretty much anything...even water! Other than that I feel super fantastic!

Food Cravings: I have been craving salad and sandwiches like crazy! I don't necessarily think that it is specifically anything about them other than they just seem light to me. I am not into anything super heavy sounding at the moment!

Belly Button: Still an Inny

Signs of Labor: Thankfully, no!
I hope that everyone is having a fabulous Monday!

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