Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Girl or Boy??

I almost forgot to post our latest pic from our last ultrasound! This is our sweet little babe at 9 weeks 5 days...growing bigger every week.

I have my next appointment this Friday and I am super excited because we might be able to find out the sex of the baby! My doctor does an ultrasound every time that we go in for an appointment which I just love!

Last time we were there the heartbeat was 177 bpm to which the doctor said sounded "girly." This news of course sent me straight into thoughts of pink and big pretty bows of every color, ha! Hopefully we'll be able to find out this Friday and we will of course will be super excited with whatever the Lord blesses us with! What do you think it will be??? Any guesses friends???

P.S. I feel like I need a pregnancy pillow...Did anyone have a love story with theirs, or should I just make a pillow barrier all around myself?


  1. if i say girl it will be a boy..if i say boy it will be a girl....that's how it works w/me!
    also every person i know that is pregnant is having a boy so maybe it's the year of boys!

    as for pillows..i just always used a king sized pillow from the bed...those suckers are big! i still use it to this day...i guess being pregnant so much you get used to it..haha

    hubby calls it my boyfriend! rofl

  2. Blog hopped here from Laura @ Cowboy Boots! Nice to see a fellow Okie (even if you are transplanted, haha) in blog land! Congrats on your pregnancy! With my first I just used pillows and it worked great. So far I haven't needed anything with this pregnancy, we'll see how long that lasts, though! I have to wait a few more weeks to find out the gender, but I'm soooo excited too!!!

  3. I don't believe in heartbeats - all three boys had very high numbers, so you never know.
    I am still in love with my pillow - I bought a body pillow instead of opting for preggo pillow - much cheaper. Can't give it up.

  4. Well the Baby appears to be crying, So I say GIRL for Sure!! LOL!!!

  5. just blog hopped over here from Laura@Cowboy Boots. I love love love my pregnancy pillow! Im due with our first in about 10 days and have lived with that thing by my side since 14 weeks. It is one they sell at babies'r'us. i cant remember the name but it can be moved into like 12 positions and is tan and white. It made sleeping so much better and kept my hips seperated just enough so I didn't wake up in pain.
    So fun that you will find out the sex soon! And yeah the heartbeat thing isn't the best judge... I'm having a boy and he has always had a really high heartbeat.


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