Monday, May 11, 2009

Out of Order?

For the last couple of months, Billy and I have been looking for a new church that we could embrace and get involved in as a couple. We have visited a couple of churches and I have done some background research on their respective pastors. I had heard some really great things about Pastor Alex Himaya and The Church at Battlecreek. I had listened to a couple of his sermons online and was amazed at the way that he was able to put things into perspective in terms of everyday life. I also loved that he had a presence about him that always made it interesting and fun at the same time. Each sermon that I listened to seemed to fly by and I found myself sad that it was over and I absolutely love that feeling. This was the sermon, actually the first part of a new series that the church was doing that sucked me in...

Follow the link to this sermon above and listen-I promise that you will not be disappointed! It is the full sermon so it is an hour long, but if it grabs your interest like it did mine the hour will just fly by. This series deals with marriage, parenting, and will teach and guide you the way that God intended these things to be. If you listen to this video, please send me a comment and let me know what you think!

Aside from the loving the series, Billy and I visited the church yesterday and I am happy to report that we loved it! There are a bunch of couples/families that are around the same age as us, but also a mix of other age groups as well. They did 42 baby dedications on Sunday and it was absolutely precious...I cannot wait to have a little one of our own and for us to be one of those parents making the commitment to teach our child everything about God and his never ending love for us! As usual, the sermon by Pastor Alex was great...It was part 4 of the series that I mentioned above. Next week, they are starting a series highlighting testimonies of 4 people in the church and their path that not only led them to the church, but also to God. I can't wait and I am so excited that we have finally found a place that we feel like home at-I am so happy that we have finally found a place that we together can call "our church!"


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